Monday, September 29, 2008

Why don't you go try and grow a mustache?

This concept isn't new by any stretch, but always good for a laugh.

Porn made "safe for work".

Diesel's SFW XXX Party Clip - Watch more free videos

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's really good?

Went and saw Bad Religion last night, of course I didn't bring my camera.

Lazy review:
+ Up against the stage instead of sitting in a shitty seat.
+ 28 songs.
+ None of those 28 were off "No Substance" or "The New America".
+ Played "I Want To Conquer The World". That song rules.
+ Brian Baker (of Minor Threat fame) with a 12XU sticker on his backup guitar.

- 10 songs from the last 3 records. 1 song from the first 5 releases ("Suffer").
- Brian Baker (of Minor Threat fame) smoking camels.

Planet Mental Record Release. Revere, MA.

Such a good all around vibe at this show. Friends from all over, bands from all over, stage dives from all over. Mental, Stop and Think, Cold World, Justice, Lights Out, Invasion, Iron Age. 2005 was sick.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ola, Hi, Hello There.

Sometimes you take an accidental vacation from your blog.


Wu-Tang Clan @ First Avenue. Minneapolis, MN.

Good time. Had to leave this show wicked early because I had to work the next day. Left at midnight, showed up to work with 3 minutes to spare. Perfect timing.